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One of the most Chanted query in job seeker’s world is, What are the Earning Zones?Do earning, really needs a Qualification?  Whether earning can me made through Online Portals? Well, it is always a tough call to make on, whether the industry/ market are hunger of degree or the skills. The similar issue arise when one does not know how to earn for themselves in spite of skills, as they don’t have a platform for the same. Well, friends today we are going to discuss about, some similar issues. It will be a pleasure in, introducing our potential to earn a handsome fund through different Earning Zone and today’s scenario and my recommendations for the same.

You might have heard about, one of your friend is earning fund by uploading videos in Youtube, working as a Freelancer (earning via online jobs), writing by writing Reviews.

Earning Via Youtube:

Youtube, has became a soul of entertainment & knowledge world. Whenever you feel bore or want to learn anything out of pocket, you just opt for a option so called “You tube“.

It will be interesting to know, why do they upload video? Only for show their performance/hobbies, or there is something related to finance too. Then my friend if you are thinking that it also involve finance, then you are thinking right. Let me light you up with the situation, whenever you go through viewing the videos, and to every increase in number of views will benefit the owner/publisher to earn a proportionate amount from Google.

So, as number of views increases the earning increases. Approximately, $1 can be earned per 1000 views. Now whenever you watch a video in youtube you may see the number of views till date and then you can calculate the earning of the owner. So, this is one of those earning zone where you just have to “Create a Channel” from your Gmail Account and link the same with “Adsense Account“, and keep uploading number of videos on your channel. As number of views increases the earning multiplies. But remember views increases with T&C i.e. on quality of your idea/video uploaded.

Though, nowadays, in this piracy world, most of publishers just download the ideas/ performance of others from original source and upload through their channel. Is this illegal? Well, answer to this question is a tough call to make. As Cyber Law and Youtube own T&C, has their own enactment to this issue. But it is sure, if one go through uploading other source, then they may face a privacy issue in future. So, try to make some creative of your own. Just built up your skill and make your skills earn for you.


Freelancing is the 2nd world of earning or earning though Internet. It can also be define as, work for your client sitting at your own place. One of the Earning Zone through online portals. It is a media where you log on with your freelancing account and keep searching the jobs/works of your area and provide your budget/fee for that work. Your proposal will be reviewed by the Job provider and if he like your proposal he then will invite you for the interview and will define you the scope of work. Most of the time, client himself provide their budget for the work so proposed.

Now, you are keen to know about, how does it work and how one can earn money?, Surety of money to be received?, if money receivable then how will it come to your pocket? Well i will like to answer all those questions in a process :

  • Today there are top 25 Portals where one can find Freelancing jobs. So, select anyone of them, create an account on that Portal. They will ask you some of your basic credentials, and some privacy information like your bank account details and your professional background.
  • Once the account is created, you are supposed to select the area, in which you can offer your service to the clients. Each activity of your work will be reviewed by the concerned website, so feel safe to work. Deal with the client about their work requirement, budget and time to get the work done.
  • Once you complete the work, the Freelancing Portal will automatically credit the contracted amount in your account maintained by freelancing website and within 1 week, the same will be transferred to your bank account. You can also transfer the same amount to you “Paypal Account” (one of the merchant banker) who maintain your balance which itself link with your bank account.

When I first started, I relied on one site for all of my work because I earned enough money to pay the bills. Once I started branching out though, I was able to get significantly higher paying freelance jobs, many of which required less time than what I was already spending on work.

It is worth to know that among top 10 countries, India is on the First position, who are working on Freelancing, followed by US, UK, Australia, Pakistan, Russia, Bangladesh, Pakistan & China.

As per 2013 data, a synopsis of Freelancing job is :


Writing Reviews/Blogs:

Last but not the least, “writing reviews” or “post” is one of the another earning zone. This works in a contract basis. You have have seen that before buying a product you see the review of the product and the comments about the product. Well, sometimes this is from the original buyer/customers, but often these are written by the owner’s agent, who are hired to write reviews about the product, so increase the publicity of the product. The contract works like, $1 per 5 reviews or a budget price for the number of reviews.

So, this is one of the earning zone, where you will get paid for writing positive reviews about the product which you have contracted for. The another zone in this concern, is writing post and blogs. Well, this is a skill to write a blog or post for a portal. Like, for this same article i may have to pay someone, if i contracted them for writing for this portal. Earning per article rate is $5 to $500 + , depends on the article quality.

Well, i have enrolled some of the Earning zone, which is seen in today’s scenario. From my point of view, if you want to earn from your knowledge then opt for earning from Freelancers, and if you want to earn for your performance and skills then opt for You Tube mode, and if you are just supposed to earn without any more effort then, go through the third option i.e. writing reviews, but article writing is a skill work, so it can’t be said that it will be easy to write a article.

I hope, you will get benefit from this article.

Your comments on this, will be a consideration for me!!

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