Which ITR to be filled having foreign income?

All DiscussionCategory: TaxationWhich ITR to be filled having foreign income?
Suraksha Staff asked 8 years ago


Which ITR is required to file, in case, an government employee having income from his govt. job and also received some about $100 from an USA based client, so, for this year, which return should be filed to show all these incomes.

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Shushant mallik Staff answered 8 years ago

In case an employee having an income from a job, i.e. receiving salary and Income from 1 House property , Income from lottery & race horses, Income from other sources, Agriculture Income more than Rs. 5000 and Income From Foreign Assets/ Foreign Income, then such an employee needs to file an ITR Form 2, instead of ITR-1 (which is filed when income from salary and 1 House property) and ITR-2A (which doesn’t include income from Foreign Income).
So, in your case too, in case of income as salary from government job and also having foreign income, then the person should file ITR-2.

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