MCIOB Courses

Introduction to MCIOB

MCIOB is a membership status presented by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB). A construction manager can pursue the CIOB qualifications to obtain the membership title as an MCIOB in the industry. Countries across the world recognise an MCIOB qualification. With professional skills and knowledge developed through the courses, a construction graduate student or professional can develop a future career path.

The route to MCIOB

To qualify and obtain the professional qualification, a candidate can achieve MCIOB through courses. A graduate student, an experienced individual or a professional degree holder with experience can apply to take the route of MCIOB. A professional should fulfil the requirements that are necessary to pass the MCIOB qualification. An individual can proceed to apply for the MCIOB if he or she possesses:

  • A degree
  • A technical qualification or management experience
  • An NVQ
  • A professional body membership 
MCIOB Courses

NVQ Level 7(National Vocational Qualification) is an eligibility to access the MCIOB qualification. Students or professionals can obtain the NVQ Level qualification through online courses. The NVQ level 7 is equivalent to an Honours Degree, and the qualification adds value to the knowledge possessed. Courses such as the CIOB Level 4 Certificate and Diploma in site management provided by a distance learning college such as the College of Contract Management will also be benefitting in becoming an MCIOB. The courses through the online college have extensive knowledge on the construction site management. The Level 4 qualification also opens opportunities for the CSCS black card.

Advantages of studying through online courses

Mostly, students and professionals are attempting to obtain the MCIOB qualification by working in the construction site and studying to progress in the industry. Experience and knowledge are required to qualify in the field. So through online courses, both can be obtained. Alternatively, if a candidate decides to proceed towards becoming a Chartered Member of the RICS, he can enrol through an online course such as the APC coaching services.

The candidate can educate through part-time opportunities and continue their work in the industry to gain experience. It is convenient for the candidate to pursue their education through online colleges due to the advantage of scheduling lectures according to their time schedules and the low costs in learning because of no travel costs. An APC coaching service by the College of Contract Management, an online course provider, offers guidance through online counselling for the candidates pursuing to complete the assessment of professional competence necessary to become an MRICS.

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