Capital Budgeting : Theoretical Aspects

Purview: Capital Budgeting is a process of evaluating proposed projects to determine which ones are deserving of an investment. Ideally, businesses should pursue all projects and opportunities that enhance shareholder’s value. However, because the amount of capital available at any given time for new projects is limited, management needs to use capital budgeting techniques to determine … Continue reading Capital Budgeting : Theoretical Aspects

CrowdFunding : An essence or Importance

Purview : Crowd Funding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions, from a large number of people, through internet and social networking sites. Crowd Funding, a popular concept started in the US and the UK, is an emerging and innovative online platform that provides small businesses and startups with opportunities … Continue reading CrowdFunding : An essence or Importance

A Overview onBanking Transaction Tax

Contents: Purview Need of reforms and Current Tax System What will happen if India does introduce BTT Advantage Disadvantage Conclusion Purview:  BTT, abbreviated as Banking Transaction Tax, is the tax levied on debit or credit entries on banking transaction made by any account holder. In other words, each time an account holder withdraws from or deposits … Continue reading A Overview onBanking Transaction Tax