How to surrender COP to ICAI

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CA VIKAS JAIN Staff asked 4 years ago

I am COP holder since 2 years and due to some reason i want to surrender my COP with Institute. But as i am not able to surrender directly, let me know any procedure to surrender via Email or any other mode.

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Shushant mallik Staff answered 4 years ago

According to the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India, if any person who is holding a COP in a full time practice and if he want to surrender his COP then he have to submit a letter with the institute along with the copy of COP which will be self attested by him. Moreover, if he is going for a full time practice then he can hold his COP in partial. COP in partial will be just like a dummy COP where all his rights will be waived off like signing authority, article registration etc. You can find more from FAQ of ICAI here: