UP VAT return filing procedure

In a bunch of various of taxation policy, VAT is an Indirect tax system, which is collected by the state authorities. The VAT system has its own policy which differs from state to state.

Today, i am going to share the procedure to be opted for VAT filing procedure, in Uttar Pradesh state.

The following steps to be done for or before uploading the return:

  1. Open a tab : Com TAX UP
  2. On scrolling down, one can find the option of Offline Tools, now one have to decide whether he need which Form are necessary for him i.e. Form 24 for VAT and Form CST for CST sale/purchase etc.
  3. Download the Offline Tools as given Icon there under,
  4. FormCST ReturnForm24, these two xml form should be filled for the submission of VAT and CST sale/purchase details with the govt.
  5. After filling the form, as prescribed details required, one should need it to get verified from offline tools downloaded earlier.
  6. Open the Offline tools, so installed earlier, and upload the form 24 in Form 24 utility and Form CST in CST utility, these needs to be done seperately,
  7. Click, verify button, so to verify each sheet, so uploaded.
  8. If any error occurred, then get back to the form and get it rectify the same, and then follow the same procedure again and again,
  9. Once all the sheet get green chit, then it means your Form is 100% correct,
  10. Check the XML folder, which has been created in the sub-folder of VAT, which has been saved in the folder created by you, and you will see, different sheet created with their own xml file,
  11. Now go to
  12. Give the credentials so asked, and you will get enter into the clients profile.
  13. You will see the option of Return filing options, and go to respective Form-24 upload button and CST form upload,
  14. Now, you will see different option created there, i.e. Main form, VAT, Non-VAT, Annexure-A etc.
  15. Click choose file and upload each from the XML folder, created earlier,
  16. Once all are uploaded, then click submit selected file button,
  17. Now, all your form are uploaded and then on the very next day, you can download the sheet so filled by you, from the same page where you have started filling the Form-24/CST,
  18. You can see the option Return reports, download the necessary reports,
  19. Get the reports sign with the owner/proprietor,
  20. And then get it finally upload from the option, on the very same page, “Submit- E-return Acknowledgement”,
  21. Now, this is the final submission, from where the assessing officer will see your return so filled and do the necessary processing.


  1. The return can be revised, until the very next return is filled,
  2. The E-return Acknowledgement should be filled within the end of the of the month,
  3. The due date of filling return is 20th of the next month,
  4. Usually, refund is carry forward at the end of each month and settle the final refund claimed amount at the year end.
  5. Usually, AC is taken as the assessing officer, but DC can also be the assessing officer if the case is sensitive,

Above, was the procedure to upload the UP-VAT return. I hope you get assisted from here, and ask for further queries regarding the same.

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Happy reading !!

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