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In the context of a globalising world, it is important that Indian industry remains in the reckoning in a competitive environment. Therefore, the regulatory framework must facilitate compliance of rules at a minimum cost and with convenience to the stakeholder. MCA21 is founded on the Government’s vision to build a healthy business eco system and make the country globally competitive.

So, when I am going through my experiences regarding e-filing on this portal, there were many doubts and queries which were raised and then deployed when i searched the below mentioned solutions regarding the same.


  • MCA 21 Portal- A Recap
  • MCA Program
  • Program Scope
  • List of E-forms
  • Logic behind e-form rolled out

MCA 21 Portal – A Recap

MCA21 is an innovative e-Governance initiative that aims at continuously repositioning Ministry of Company Affairs (MCA) as an organization capable of fulfilling the aspirations of its stakeholders in the 21st century. For any program to be outcome-based, a paradigm shift in the service delivery is inevitable. A Service Centric Approach by the Government is the principal driving factor to the transformation.

The bottom line of this unique initiative is the improved speed and certainty in the delivery of MCA services. This improvement is primarily enabled through the mechanism of electronic Filing (e-Filing) for the services and back office automation by harnessing the right technology enablers.

This project covers all the services provided by Registrar of Companies (ROC) starting from the incorporation of a new Company. The project would provide e-services including registration of new companies, filing of various returns and statutory documents under the Companies Act, 1956/2013. The system would also enables filing and access for statutory documents like MOA, AOA, COI etc.

This project is being implemented through a public private partnership and the portal www.mca.gov.in has become operational w.e.f. 30th January, 2006. The e-filing operations has been launched from 18th Feb., 2006 from the Registrar Office, Coimbatore, which has been selected as a pilot site and thereafter at other locations by the end of April, 2006. At the current point in time, detailed information on the process of e-filing will be available.

Then onwards professionals need no longer to visit the officers of ROC and are able to intereact with the Minister using MCA21 portal from their offices or home. The services of the Ministry of Company Affairs with the introduction of MCA21 will be e-form driven. Form filing will be done using freely downloadable software and it can be done offline.

MCA 21 Program:

The program goals have been set as follows keeping in mind stakeholders needs:

  • Business enabled to register a company and file statutory documents quickly and easily
  • Public to get easy access to relevant records and effective grievances redressal
  • Professionals to be able to offer efficient services to their client companies
  • Financial Institutions to easily find charges registration and verification
  • Employees to ensure proactive and effective compliance of relevant laws and corporate governance.

Program Scope:

MCA 21 program provides for anytime anywhere electronic services with speed and certainty to all the stakeholders. It includes:

  • Design and development of application system
  • Setting up of IT Infrastructure
  • Setting up the Digital Signature/PKI delivery mechanisms and associated security requirments
  • Setting up of Physical Front Offinces(PFOs)
  • Setting up of temporary Front Offices (FOs) for the peak periods to meet with the requirments and subsequent shutdown of temporary FOs at the end of such peak periods
  • Migrating legacy data and digitization of paper documents to the new system
  • Providing MCA services to all MCA21 stakeholders in accordance with the service Oriented Approach
  • Providing user training at all levels and all offices(Front and Back Offices)

List of E-forms:

Mapping of e-forms prescribed under the Companies Act, 2013 with the e-forms prescribed under Companies Act, 2013:


Hence, the above forms are designed in such a manner so that complexities can be reduced to certain extend.

Logic behind e-forms rolled out:

In order to facilitate easy understanding of the e-forms being rolled out under the provisions of Companies Act, 2013 and Rules made there under, forms under the new Act are mandatorily numbered alpha-numeric. Initial of forms is to be started with alphabet of two or three letters based on the subject of the Chapter, followed by serial number of the form. This will define the nature of the forms and would be easy to recognise.

Following table is the summary of chapter wise nomenclature of forms provided by MCA:

Alphabet followed by numeric Number:

Chapter No.Particulars of ChapterForm no start with
IIIncorporation of Company and matters incidental theretoINC
IIIProspectus and allotment of securitiesPAS
IVShare Capital and DebenturesSH
VAcceptance of Deposit by CompaniesDPT
VIIManagement and AdministrationMGT
VIIIDeclaration any payment of dividendDIV
IXAccountants of CompaniesAOC
XAudit and AuditorsADT
XIAppointment and Qualifications of DirectorsDIR
XIIMeetings of Board and its PowersMBP
XIIIAppointment and Remuneration of personnelMR
XXICompanies Authorized to Register under this ActURC
XXIICompanies Incorporated outside IndiaFC
XXIVRegistration offices and FeesGNL
XXVIIISpecial CourtMAC
XXIXMemorandum of AppealADJ



As overview presented above about MCA 21 portal which is basically a e-service of MCA and Government of India. It is so organized that, now professionals are not required to stand in que and fight for the submission of forms before ROC and other services. All those services has been incorporated in a e-form way.

Now, it is also continued with the new Companies Act, 2013 and the forms are also simplified according to the Chapters of Companies Act, 2013.


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